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Floating bridge: World's first slewing floating bridge “Yumeshima-Maishima Connection Bridge” (Japan)

Self-lubricating spherical bearings securing smooth slewing and safety of a large floating bridge

A large floating slewing bridge is slewed and opened, using one side as a supporting point when a large ship passes.
As the world's largest-class self-lubricating spherical bearings, OILES #500SP-SL4 is used for the inverted pins of the reaction wall where these pivot and bridge are moored.

Name Dimension/ upper: inner race
/ lower: outer race (mm)
Reaction wall inverted pin A φ 750 × φ 1500 × L1200
φ 1500 × φ 1680 × L1150
Reaction wall inverted pin B φ 850 ×φ 1570 × L1200
φ 1570 × φ 1750 × L1150
Rotating pin upper/ intermediate φ 1650 × φ 1780 × L320
φ 1780 × φ 1950 × L300
Bearing saddle φ 1750 × φ 2100 × L700
φ 2100 × φ 2400 × L650

Lock gates of the Three Gorges Dam of the Yangtze River in China

Bearings for the lock gates of the Three Gorges Dam

Spherical support bearings for lock gates of the Three Gorges Dam of the Yangtze River in China

The Three Gorges Dam is the world's largest-class dam constructed for the purpose of preventing flooding of the Yangtze River, generating power and improving water transport.
This dam has 2 lines allowing the ships to pass through it from upstream to downstream and vice versa. OILES #500SP-SL4 have been used as the large spherical-seated bearings for the lock gates constituting these lines.

Name Dimension(mm)
Spherical-seated bearings φ 1000 × φ 1140 × L 585
Cylindrical bearings φ 480 × φ 530 × L 500

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